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The Pastel Lutino Gouldian Finch. Chapter I.



In this article we will try to represent graphically how   pastel lutinos gouldian could be obtained.

We will go directly to the matter for not extending us .

The main variables will be:


L = Lutino

– L = Non Lutino (wild process for this gene)

Dm = Dilution of the Melanins

Wm = wild Melanins

 X and Y= sex cromosomes


We will begin with a crossing between a Lutino male and a pastel or yellow Female (it could also be the other way around):



 L   X                 Dm X

——–     +     ————    

 L   X                        Y


(Here is the mating of a Lutino male with a   pastel   female ) it will be represented That way genetically.


In their descendants all males will be pastels Split for lutino , like the following genetically repesented one (here we see that the pastel gene and the lutino gene are in different alelos of the same sexual chromosome, carrying out different functions, but how could we unite both genes ?):




   L    X                

———   (pastel   male Split for Lutino. )        

   Dm  X


Then we mate this male with any female , this way we are looking   for the first pastel Lutina female (is difficult to get one).




 L     X                             X

———-       +       ————

 Dm  X                           Y


If certain genetic processes didn’t exist this male would always contribute only with the following gametes or genetic information in their sperms:


 L  X     or    Dm X

——-               ———


But nature created the genetic fragmentation and the genetic recombination processes to provide a great variety of different and unic fellows in its genotype, enlarging the diversity and together with her the history of the evolution of the life. (as ourselves that we can have 5 or 10 brothers but none is the same):


 Dm X                                       L      X

———–         and           ————-                                                                                          

  L                                           Dm    X


Any one of these two combinations is pastel Lutino male.

Then in some moment of the meiosis prosses , genes are fragmented and when being recomposed, something new happens, new geneticsecuences interact creating new alive creatures


 L  / X /


 Dm / X /


Here his genes are fragmented   and ready to create new genetic sequences,


First, the male contributes with this new genetic sequence created by himself:

L      Dm X


And in one chance a daughter could inherit this new genetic secuence and be this way:




L    Dm  X




This is then a pastel Lutina, with her we could get pastel Lutinos males.Her head will be so white because the Brown Eumelanina disappears . Necklace and rump will also be white, because structural blue doesn’t have the nedeed Eumelanina.

If we want to see the complete process (the same one that we saw up to now), then we get complicated a little more and we use the alternating processes of the gene Lutino and of the Gene Dilution of the Melanins:

these alternating processes are represented this way:

 – L = Non Lutino (wild prosses for this gene)

 Wm = wild Melanins



   Wm X


– L  Dm   X


Here we see that for a gene could be recombined with another, its respective alelo one must also migrar, and then the pastel male Split for lutino, would contribute with among so many gametes, with gametes of pastel lutino and also of wild:

L    Dm    X    &   – L  Wm   X


With this explanation we show how we could get pastel Lutina females (pastelina), now should be easier to obtain other variants as pastel Lutino male (pastelino)and Double Factor pastel Lutino male , Some other breeders believe that it is imposible to get these two genes together .

If looking for these genetic recombinations, could take us a long time, or be lucky and it shows at random, nature needs years and many times centuries in arriving to so many combinations that can be seen in wild life, and one of them is the wild Gouldian finch   has 3 types of color of mask.

In the next piece of article we would like to demonstrate how we could obtain, or better said, how we could play with nature and make our own mutation (yes all these variation are then mutations) ,the pastel Ino and the Double Factor pastel Ino. This combination is commun in other species of birds.


Juan Farrat Acanda


Diliam Gil Reyes

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