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The Gouldian Finch Pastel Lutino.





In this  article we will continue the previous work on how to obtain a pastel lutina female, now we will graphically represent, how to  obtaining a pastel lutino male  and a doublé pastel lutino male (two pastel genes plus two lutino genes).

We will work with the same legend used in the previous article.



L = Lutino gene (mutated gene)

Dm = Dilution of the Melanins (mutated gene)

Wm =  wild Melanins (wild gene)

X  and Y= sex cromosomes


Without more, we refresh our pastel lutina  female:




L    Dm  X

————————–     (pastel lutina or pastelina female) 



Then we select a good Lutino male that besides good color, contributes with genetic vigor, since, this couple’s children will be mated to their mother.



And this mating will be represented this way (using only the interested genes):





L    Wm X                    L    Dm  X

 ————-      x            ————————–    (Lutino male  x Pastelina female)

 L   Wm X                                 Y

From this  mating  we will obtain 50% of Pastelino males and 50% of  Lutina females.


imagen 02   Males will be represented this way:


 L    Dm  X

——————–    (Pastelino male)

L   Wm   X



And if we want to obtain the maximum dilutive expression, caused by the genes in question, then this male will be mated to his mother, and this mating will be represented this way:

imagen 02   X    

  L    Dm  X                 L    Dm  X

——————      x         ——————-   (Pastelino male x  Pastelina female)

L   Wm   X                           Y




And from this mating we should obtain 25% of doublé dilution lutino males (two pastel genes plus two lutino genes),

And they would be represented this way:



Imagen 02





L    Dm  X

——————    (two pastel genes plus two lutino genes).

L   Dm    X




Representing them graphically seams a little easy, but it is not this way, firstly  we already explained how we should obtain a pastel lutina female and to get it, literally we should create a mutation, mutation or variation, any way they want to call it, but to achieve it, it should happen a crossing over, and a crossing over, it doesn’t happen as easy as anything, is a natural process that happens at random and its main objective in  nature is for creating new individuals, and that these in turn transmit these new characteristics to its descendant, and if these new characteristics make more capable the new individuals, for the difficult wild life, then these new characteristics will prevail for on the old ones. The survival, the fight of the stronger, besides their predatores, don’t allow  these rare mutations persist, they are very vulnerable to the demanding wild life.


Alone with our knowledge of Genetics, protection, dedication and care is possible to obtain what is not admitted by nature.


For sure, thousands of years ago the Gouldian Finch  was not  by near the resemblance to what he is now, but these genetic processes of which we have spoken, created this beautiful wiild variant of the Gouldian finch, to coincide in our times!!!!


Always greeting you.



Juan Farrat Acanda


Diliam Gil Reyes




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